abstract and contemporary gallery

On June 29, 2012, Emerge Fine Art held an exhibition by Cuban born artist Alexis Hernandez. The Davidson College graduate combines his romantic vision with a modernistic philosophy to create fascinating pieces that transform geometric patterns into swirling, graceful forms reminiscent of nature. Through the use of circles, what he calls the perfect geometric shape, he is able to juxtapose the disparate philosophies of romanticism with abstract modernism in this unique approach to art. He draws inspiration from the graceful architecture found in nature yielding an intense chromatic experience.

The circle – traditionally associated with unity, infinity, and enlightenment – is, in his opinion, a fitting symbol for the ambivalent philosophy of Post-Modernism. Hernandez is able to achieve, through his Pointillism, a colorful palette of varying geometric shapes that can both excite and calm us. A gifted colorist, he is comfortable meshing all colors in the spectrum to create truly unique and beautiful works of art.



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